Eco clothing for healthy living

EcoFab is the result of love in between a researcher and hand block printing art basically produced by artisans living in rural India. EcoFab is a social enterprise promoting hand printed and herbal/natural (Vegetable) and eco-friendly color dyed fabrics. These colors are not only environment friendly but also good for skin. Clothing is one of the basic needs of life and is the only basic need among two others (Food and shelter) which is always with you every time. Ecofriendly and comfortable clothing made your day less stressful. Combination of natural fiber and nature made color give a feeling of stay in tune with the nature which means stress free healthy life. At EcoFab we offer a range of natural and bio fiber based fabrics in both standardized and custom made designs.
Traditionally craft of hand block printing involves an organic process to print and dye on variety of natural fiber based fabrics. Now a day many artisans are shifting towards chemical printing and dying due to cost-effectiveness and easy process. EcoFab strictly emphasizes on the use of natural and eco-friendly colors in both printing and dying. Company works closely with the artisans to produce quality and contemporary clothing. Company also provides fair wages and better working facilities to its artisans. Few of the products company outsourced directly from the master craftsmen.
EcoFab is working towards protecting the rural articraft and interest of craftsmen and at the same time following customer centric approach.
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Contact Person : MR. PUSHYAMITRA
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Address : :Indore : 196 Vip Paraspar Nagar Indore, Madhya Pradesh ,
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