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Khadi is hand spun and hand woven fabric made largely out of natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk. Mahatma Gandhi helped popularize the fabric and made it into a potent symbol in India’s freedom struggle. Khadi also became a symbol of the resurgence of India’s rural industries. Today, Khadi remains an important cottage industry, providing livelihoods to millions, especially in rural areas.
The hand spun yarn used in Khadi maintains a softness that gives Khadi its characteristic feel and comfort. The hand weaving of the fabric interlaces the threads in a manner that allows maximum air to permeate through the fibers and thus, Khadi is one of the most comfortable fabrics in warm climates. As Khadi is made of natural fibers viz. cotton, silk and wool, spun and woven in a natural environment, it can boast of being completely natural. Other fabrics – from mills or even handlooms, receive yarn which is generally blended with some regenerated cellulose fibers. Khadi dyed in natural dyes also makes a perfect combination for a green, eco-friendly fabric.