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Khadi gets brand approval

Friday, 21 January 2011 

Khadi will soon, get its own identity and a mark of authenticity with the introduction of an exclusive Khadi Mark in the next fiscal year. The mark will be registered under the Trademarks Act 1999 and the entire process from designing, setting up of testing labs to infrastructure will cost Rs 20 crores. Similar to Hallmark that authenticates gold, Khadi Mark will guarantee genuine khadi that is hand-woven, handspun and of natural fiber. All genuine khadi fiber and garments -- whether produced by the government or the private sector -- will carry the mark for effective competition with global brands. Consumers, however, may have to pay more for Khadi Mark unlike now when khadi is subsidized.

While the National Institute of Design has designed the mark, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, as a promoter and guardian of the proposed mark, will monitor, verify and enforce the genuineness of khadi products. Khadi was part of the independence struggle in India. Mahatma Gandhi began promoting khadi in order to boycott foreign clothes. He called upon people to make their clothes by themselves. Khadi is an environment- and eco-friendly garment. In an aspect of degenerating environment, efforts are on to produce 100 per cent eco-friendly textiles where even cotton will be grown without chemical fertilizers. Earlier the type of khadi available was khadi cotton which had a very coarse texture and feel. However, many varieties like khadi silk, khadi wool and khadi cotton are available now, which makes it a fashionable fabric and liked by the masses.