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Finer Opportunities For Choosing the Leather Jackets

Bomber jacket

Finer Opportunities For Choosing the Leather Jackets

Finer Opportunities For Choosing the Leather Jackets

The brown leather bomber jacket is a timeless piece, the ideal jacket for the half-season. But you have probably already experienced it: it’s really not easy to make the right choice! 10 days ago, we proposed to help me prepare a special report on the subject by commenting on the jacket you wear. Here is now a practical guide that we hope will help you in your future choice!

With for starters, a little “technique”

  • Leather quality
  • Origin of leather
  • Leatherworking
  • Jacket style
  • color

Where to buy it?

Leather quality

For simplicity, know that there are two qualities of leather: the “leather flower” and the “leather bomber jacket men“:

The “leather flower”:

This is the upper layer of the animal: the most noble, the most flexible, the most resistant, the most waterproof. Its appearance is smoother. It is called “full grain leather” when used throughout its bomber jacket leather and has retained its natural appearance. It is from this leather that are made the most beautiful jackets (and by extension the most beautiful clothes and accessories)

The “leather crust”:

This refers to the lower layer of the animal, flesh side, obtained by slitting thick leathers. It is called “velvet crust” when it retains its fibrous appearance, or “crusted coated” when covered to give it a smooth leather look. Leather crust is mainly used for low-end clothing.

Origin of leather

Finer Opportunities For Choosing the Leather Jackets

The most used leathers for making jackets are lamb, cowhide and buffalo leathers:

Lamb leather

He is very thin, very flexible, often considered the most beautiful. It allows creating more elegant clothes, which marry the forms of the body. But it is also more fragile leather.

Cowhide leather

It is less thin, but its appearance is smooth, and it is flexible and resistant. Depending on the tanning, however, it can look a lot like buffalo leather.

Buffalo leather

It has a thicker grain to the touch. The leather is stiffer but also more resistant. They are interesting properties for everyday use.

Sheep leather

It is thick, resistant; it can be used to make elegant jackets, but especially to make warm jackets retaining the wool (brown leather bomber jacket).

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